Care Services

Extraordinary care and dedication

Committed to delivering aid during times of emergency along with COVID management
services to our employees and family members

Emergency Care Services

Service Category Service Line Description of Service Delivery Mode Promised TAT
COVID Care and General Clinical Support Doctor Consult - General Physician 24/7 nurse supported by General Physician consult Tele-mode. Live interaction with nurse and doctor consults upon appointment Within 60 minutes
Emergency Response Ambulance on call through our partner Medulance that provides dedicated helpline for HCL Order placement and payment directly to them Helpline number - 18001037150 Ambulance 90-120 minutes
COVID Home Isolation Care Clinical monitoring program unless the individuals move to recovered cohort Nurse (daily) and doctor as per need basis Tele-mode. Program activated as needed
Extended Services RT PCR Order placement and payment via Helpline On-site and at home as applicable RTPCR
<24 hours (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)
Results in 24-48 hours


Do the cashless health-check services have any tax implications?

  • The cashless health-check services are funded by HCLT for the family members of the employees and covered by insurance in case employees avail the same.
  • Even if a service is fully funded by HCLT or a certain part, only tax component must be borne by an employee since he/she is availing it as a service as per the government rules.
  • For e.g. If an employee falls under 5% tax bracket and he/she avails health check or other service being funded by HCLT. Let’s say, the price of health check is Rs 2500. So instead of paying the full Rs 2500 for the health check, the employee will have to bear 5% of Rs 2500 i.e., Rs. 125 for availing the health check for a family member.
  • Similarly for other services being funded by HCLT for the employees or their family members.